Alternate forms of energy

Solar Installation for Tiny Homes

Making the switch to solar energy can be a complicated task, especially when you are installing the power in a tiny home. You have to think about various aspects of the panels that you would not normally consider. This means you will likely need a solar installation contractor to handle the job. If this sounds like the situation you are in, here are a few things to consider before calling the contractor for your solar power project.

Primary or Secondary

The first thing you need to consider about solar installation for your tiny home is if the solar power will be the primary or secondary power source. If it is a primary source of power, then your main power generator and all of your items needing power will connect directly to the solar power source unit. If you will be using solar power as a secondary option or backup to electric power, then the solar installation contractor will need to set up a switch box. This box will allow you to swap between the two power sources as needed. Keep in mind, the switch box may take up more room than a traditional box, so space will need to be considered as well. 

Travelling or Stationary

The placement of the solar panels and types of solar panels you use will greatly depend on if you have a moving home or if you are stationary. For example, if you are travelling, you will need to have solar panels that can be moved easily or placed on the tiny home in such a way that sun hits them the majority of the time. This can be difficult if you are parking the tiny home in mountain areas or areas where the panels would need to be moved throughout the day to collect the right amount of power. If you are stationary and living in the tiny home long term in one location, then you may have more options for your panels and the strength of those panels since they tiny home will be in one spot. 

Reserve Power Options

An option you will find with solar panel installation is having traditional solar panels or a reserve power option. The reserve power is ideal if you will be travelling in areas that have low sun exposure during certain times of the year. For example, the area may have heavy rains during most of the year meaning the power source of the sun would be difficult to attain. 

If you think that solar power will be the ideal power solution for your tiny home project and you have your basic needs ready, contact a solar installation contractor. They can help you with any questions you have. They can also help with pricing questions, upgrades you may want to consider and special considerations for long term living and travel if solar is your primary energy source.