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Maintaining Your Cooling Towers to Save Energy

Cooling towers provide the necessary cooling that is important in processing industries, power generation plants and even in manufacturing processes. They do this by transferring the heat to water, which is vaporized to bring in a cooling effect. However, the hot summer can place enormous demands on the cooling system, so you need to ensure that they are in top-notch shape for this. Moreover, proper practices would help you save a lot of energy in the long run.

Inspect your system

You need to inspect your system and ensure that everything is working in good condition. Check the water distribution system and look for any dry areas. Place your focus on the coil sections because dryness can lead to the build-up of scales.

Any debris present on the strainers should be cleaned up to ensure that there are no materials that can harm the system. The dirt and debris can also limit the water filtration capabilities of the cooling tower.

Also, listen for any noise that comes out of the system. They may be an indication of a potential problem. Call a professional like Cooling Tower Sales & Service Pty Ltd if you hear any strange sounds. The tower has noises produced from the fans, but severe noises can indicate a problem with the ventilation.

Remember, a fail in the cooling tower can be devastating. Imagine the amount of losses in a food processing industry when the freezers fail to work.

Install a sun shade

Having a sun shade over the tower is a terrific idea. This will prevent any algae from creating a home on the roof of your systems. These algae inhibit the distribution of water and cause the tower to be less efficient in cooling the system down. Once the sun's rays are prevented from reaching the tower, the algae won't be able to thrive on the roof, because they need the sun to make food. So you'll have a clean and efficient tower.

Evaluate the tower fill media

The heat exchange surfaces and tower fill media are the components responsible for the actual vaporization and cooling efficiency of the tower. You need to be extra careful when checking these parts because their demise renders the whole system non-functional. Look for any presence of corrosion, deposits or even biological growth, and get rid of them immediately. Accumulating foulants like these would greatly reduce the energy efficient levels of the tower.

Talk to your water treatment vendor and discuss the issue with them. They should be able to help you out. If not, then simply call a professional.